More Sales? More Motivation!

The right in­cen­tives are very im­por­tant for the team spir­it of the work­force. They count even more for mo­ti­va­tion it­self. Be­cause if mo­ti­va­tion is set right, the fig­ures start to re­flect that, too.

When we talk about in­cen­tives, we al­ways talk about dri­ve or stim­uli. By those we mean spe­cial in­cen­tives or mea­sures that make sure em­ploy­ees or cus­tomers are mo­ti­vat­ed and there­fore act in the in­ter­est of the in­ce­tive. For ex­am­ple in­creas­ing sales.

Spend mon­ey to make mon­ey

Last week we talked about re­wards. To­day we would like to be a lit­tle more con­crete: What goals can be achieved with in­cen­tives?

If the ba­sis is cor­rect — if em­ply­oees not on­ly work for re­wards — in­cen­tive sys­tems can work well. For ex­em­ple in the sales de­part­ment, in field ser­vice or al­so in dis­tri­b­u­tion. Prod­ucts and ser­vices have be­come more and more in­ter­change­able, the way or style a prod­uct is sold be­comes a piv­otal com­po­nent of the sales strat­e­gy. And that is ex­act­ly where you be­gin.

Sales peo­ple are hu­man af­ter all

A pos­i­tive ex­pe­ri­ence for the clients by so­cia­ble ad­vi­sors and au­then­tic sales peo­ple can af­fect the deal more than you think it could. The ap­pre­ci­a­tion of the em­ploy­ees in those ar­eas be­comes an ex­treme­ly im­por­tant fac­tor. Fig­ures are im­por­tant, of course. But the peo­ple be­hind them are even more im­por­tant. Those are the ones en­abling the good sales fig­ures

Be a part of it

A sense of iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and be­long­ing is price­less. This is the rea­son why mo­ti­va­tion­al cam­paigns are worth the ef­fort. As sim­ple mea­sures and al­so as sta­tus sym­bols. Be hon­est: Don’t you like it when you can tell your fam­i­ly or your col­leagues about the re­wards you got for your good work? Make sure your in­cen­tives cre­ate the right at­mos­phere in your team. It will lead to the right turnover even­tu­al­ly.

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